About Us


After having three kids, a couple things became very clear to me. ONE we were producing SO much clothing waste. Bags of clothing donations that were barely worn either because they grew too fast or because it just didn't coordinate with anything. (I'm looking at you, yellow and purple polka dot puppy dog shirt with eyelid flaps). TWO my kids thrived on (and even insisted on) their independence. Over the years, we have implemented Montessori practices into our lifestyle. Picking out their clothes and dressing themselves independently brought so much joy and confidence to my oldest boys. Of course, their outfits hardly ever matched, but it was an expression of their personalities and they were proud of their work. I came up with a solution to both these issues. I began creating capsule clothing collections for my youngest. And it.was.great. 

That is what we're bringing you with Raise Organics. ONE Gender neutral Baby Essentials that can be worn and passed down across genders and seasons. TWO Capsule Collections that coordinate with past and future collections and can be worn multiple ways to create a variety of outfits. Most importantly, our ethically made capsule collections will empower your littles by giving them the independence they desire. 


RAISE the standard. 

The fashion industry is full of waste and harmful materials. Clothes are made cheaply, with little to no regard for the natural and human resources it takes to do so. We've created a culture where materials are easier to throw away rather than to mend. Most of us are separated from the process of clothes making and the people who work long hours, in unsafe working conditions, with little and oftentimes no pay. We don't consider what our buying decisions have on the lives of others or the natural resources it takes to make them. What if we could change that? What if we can use our buying power to make a difference, little by little? 

Every piece in our shop is handmade from GOTS certified materials. That means that every part of the process from harvesting the cotton to dyeing and milling the fabric has met or exceeded environmental and social standards. Fair wages are being paid. There are safe working conditions for all. We are working together with our natural resources rather than destroying them. 

All of the fabric used in our shop is made from yarn grown, spun, and milled here in the USA. This decreases our carbon footprint and supports other family owned, small businesses. 

Our packaging is all plastic-free and compostable so you can reuse, recycle, and dispose of confidently. 


RAISE good stewards. 

Most days, our kids surprise us with their awareness of the world around them. What does that world look like? Is it full of waste and excess? We believe we can change the fast fashion culture by offering less. All of our products are made of neutral colored, high quality fabrics that pair together beautifully to create a full minimalist wardrobe. Each piece can be styled multiple ways with a variety of pieces meaning you can buy better, buy less, and wear more. Our Baby Essentials Collection is a perfect starting point for adopting a minimalist lifestyle and laying the foundation for good stewardship at infancy. 



We are proud to meet all CPSC requirements.