Within our SPRING & SUMMER Collection, you will find cohesive pieces that can be built upon as your child grows and seasons change. We do this by offering pieces that are looser rather than fitted, pieces that can easily layer through changing temperatures, and pieces that can grow along with your little.

Another important aspect of our SPRING & SUMMER Collection is that it offers your  older children independence in dressing themselves. Each piece, with the exception of our collared vests, is free of closures and easy to get on with limited or no help from adults. Leaving your littles feeling empowered while also saving you some time in your morning routine ;) 

These incredibly soft pieces are milled in the USA and are free of any harmful chemicals, so they are safe for even the most sensitive skin. Being made of natural fibers, our clothing won't pill like man made fibers will. This results in longer wear and items fit for handing down.  

Available in sizes NB - 6T.